Ensemble in Process…

Recently formed as a small chamber ensemble from Nonclassical’s annual Battle of the Bands Competition in January of 2016, Ensemble in Process... is a unique project with respect to innovative programming, global networking, and attraction of new audiences. 2017 was be the first year of operation for Ensemble in Process…

This debut concert at the Iklectik Art Lab on 15 May, 2017 featured emerging and established American composers, with performances from leading performers in the London scene, such as violinist Maria Fiore Mazzarini, with Marsyas Trio members Zubin Kanga (pianist), Helen Vidovich (flautist), and Valerie Welbanks (cellist), and composer/vocalist Seth Bedford, currently based in Akron, Ohio, who performed vocals for a UK premiere of three cabaret songs.

Ensemble in Process… will be a rotating vehicle with respect to size, instrumentation, and nature of specific programming. I firmly believe that there is a spark lacking today’s contemporary classical music environment, which has lead to a well-recognized struggle to draw in new audiences. Ensemble in Process... will be distinct from other emerging ensembles as it will also be a collaborative organizational project. Years of experience working with film, this project aims to draw in elements of visuals and/or choreographic disciplines. Ensemble in Process...will programme series that include works specifically written for videos, whether it’s pre-existing, public domain, or new artistic content. This approach will encourage audiences to experience music in a different framework, not governed by the traditional models of classical music production.

Ensemble in Loops will be the second concert from Ensemble in Process… since 2017, as this will be the US premiere of its curation, followed by a NYC concert in the Spring of 2019 (Bridge the GAP) at the Areté Gallery in Greenpoint, Brooklyn on 11 April.  The use of a complete pre-existing composition has always been explored in my works, through the use of augmentation, repetition, variations on a theme, and the employment of embellishment.  The role of the digital delay-processing pedal is to create an atmospheric landscape generated by the loops from the pedal. The ‘hypnotic trance’ that the pedal is known for is interesting: it creates another world of sound mass that is unique.  This concert will feature 3 of my works in this aesthetic: Fantasia on a Lament; towers, beautiful, mourning, Tuesday; Lucid Dreaming. I will be creating video installation to accompany Lucid Dreaming that will further give the audience an entrancing visual insight to my processed delays, which will be specifically programmed for this festival.

Photo: W. John Dunnan

Photo: W. John Dunnan

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